World Master Pianists

Experience the magic of the master pianist

After a quarter of a century of experience in the world of classical music, including 20 years as artistic manager and executive producer of the world-renowned series Master Pianists in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, impresario Friso Verschoor founded World Master Pianists in the spring of 2022.

Besides representing renowned pianists, World Master Pianists also focuses as producer on (co-)presenting concerts at various venues: Concert Hall AMARE in the Hague, Concertgebouw Flagey in Brussels, the International Arts Center deSingel in Antwerp and the Salle Philharmonique in Liėge.

A 20-year partnership links master tuner/piano technician Michel Brandjes and Friso Verschoor. Brandjes will be associated as much as possible with the concerts that take place under the auspices of World Master Pianists.

The team