Aidan Mikdad


A musical sensation is about to cross the threshold of the ‘Hall of Master Pianists’. Aidan Mikdad, a promising talent, is knocking on the door with the determination of a sky stormer. At 19, he has already proved himself as the youngest among the 12 semi-finalists at the prestigious Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels.

What sets Aidan apart goes beyond his youthful age. His rendition of the challenging “Nocturne pour la main gauche seule op. 9, nr. 2” by Aleksandr Skrjabin requires not only technical virtuosity but also emotional depth and expression. It is a challenge that only the most gifted pianists dare to take on.

A year after his remarkable performance in Brussels, Aidan repeated his triumph at the World Master Pianists recital in Amare Den Haag. As a last-minute substitute, following in the footsteps of the legendary Arcadi Volodos, Aidan once again mesmerised audiences with Skrjabin’s masterful composition. Aidan’s performance was a gripping journey that drew listeners into the depths of Skrjabin’s masterpiece. The ovational applause that followed was an expression of genuine admiration for the art and virtuosity Aidan displayed.

With Aidan Mikdad at the grand piano, the gates of the ‘Hall of Master Pianists’ are opened to a new generation of music lovers. Don’t miss this rising star as he explores the boundaries of piano music and takes us on a journey of artistic sophistication and emotional depth. Aidan Mikdad, a name we will no doubt hear resonate often in the world of master pianists.


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