Evgeny Kissin


Former prodigy Evgeny Kissin has a unique intensity and is a perfectionist at heart. His formidable technique is entirely at the service of the desire for deep tone. There is a blistering passion in his piano performance that unleashes an euphoria.

“Evgeny Kissin performs his solos at a lonely height,” was the headline of the article by Wenneke Savenije in June 2018. She very aptly described the unique experience of attending a Kissin recital: “What architectural clarity and flawless pianistic aptitude! What incredible emotional intensity, musical depth and spiritual veracity resounded in every note he played.” Music magazine Muse and daily newspaper Trouw also gave the inescapable maximum 5-star rating. “Pathos and lyricism in a fascinating recital by Kissin,” was the headline in Trouw. The reviewer called Kissin the top of the Russian piano tradition.


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