Beethoven, Schumann & Schubert

Due to an unfortunate combination of medical circumstances, Maria João Pires has decided, in consultation with World Master Pianists, to reschedule her solo recital. The new date is Monday, June 12 at 8 p.m. in Amare, The Hague.

When the Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires takes her seat behind the keys and takes you on her spiritual, musical journey, you will forget the time and be overwhelmed by pure beauty.

On June 12 she will visit Amare exclusively, to enchant all her Dutch admirers one more time in the World Master Pianists series with her unique interpretation of Schubert’s last sonata in B-flat major.

Many were convinced that the farewell to her soloist career in 2016 would be final. Fortunately, Pires came back from this decision, and can still be heard solo from time to time. Pires dislikes all forms of vanity or fame. What matters to her is the spiritual message. In so many of her performances she achieved moments of immense eloquence that will stay with the people for a long time. And when she plays, as we all know, the heavens open: beautiful playing with a wealth of imagination, intimate intimacy, sublime silences, magic, poetry, melodiousness . . . and so on. Pires takes her listeners by the hand and leads them, tenderly, yet with great mental strength, through the natural wealth of music that cannot be expressed in words.

Maria João Pires

Beethoven, Schumann & Schubert

12 June, 2023
Amare - The Hague
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  • Beethoven

    Sonate nr. 8 in C minor, op. 13 ‘Pathétique’

  • Schumann

    Kinderszenen, op. 15

  • Intermission
  • F. Schubert

    Sonate in B flat major, D 960


  • Schumann

    Arabesque in C major, op. 18

  • 'Piano poetess' Maria João Pires is widely regarded as the world’s foremost interpreter of Mozart and Beethoven. Her performances are sophisticated and spiritual. She is often referred to as a musical medium.

  • Amare

    The Hague

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    The magnificent new state-of-the-art concert hall Amare in The Hague has been open since autumn 2021 and can accommodate 1,500 music lovers. This new temple of culture, in the heart of The Hague, has wonderful acoustics and an international allure. It was designed by architects Patrick Fransen and Jo Coenen and construction took more than four years.

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About this concert