Surprise programme by classical grand master pur sang

World-renowned pianist András Schiff is not to be missed in World Master Pianists. World-renowned pianist András Schiff is not to be missed in World Master Pianists. Around the world, he is adored as an interpreter of the classical repertoire, including the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms. Schiff has performed with many leading orchestras and conductors, but in recent years has mainly concentrated on music for solo piano and concerts in which he conducts and/or plays solo simultaneously. His performances of the music of Bach are particularly renowned. At this recital, he will announce his performances on the spot and talk about them with great charm too! Zijn uitleg daarover:

“During the difficult times of the pandemic, I was thinking a lot. How can we refresh the musical life, what and how would we do differently? Be honest, our concerts consist of many conventions, expectations, stereotypes and routines. This is not necessari ly convenient because it leads to monotony. Why aren’t we more curious, more adventurous, more imaginative? Where are the surprises? For example, in the piano recitals. We pianists have to specify our programmes many months or years in advance, i n great detail. That is an enormous burden. How should you know what you want to play in two years , seven months and four days? That depends on many elements, the acoustics, the instrument, the daily mood. For me, it is much more spontaneous to announce t he programme on the spot and explain the works a little. This creates a connection with the audience, we are together to experience something. You have to respect and trust each other. The audience should believe that I will always present only the best wo rks, as well prepared as possible. In return, I count on the sensitivity and high intelligence of my audience.

In this way and there are other ideas we can experience concerts in a new and refreshing way.



Sir András Schiff

Surprise programme by classical grand master pur sang

Piano recital
12 February, 2025
Flagey - Brussels
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Works by i.a. J.S. Bach and F. Schubert

Sir András Schiff

The refined pianistic mastery of Hungarian-born master pianist Sir András Schiff continues to fascinate and enchant critics and audiences alike, and his performances are always a breathtaking experience full of emotion and compelling interpretations.

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    The characteristic Flagey building in Brussels houses a beautiful concert hall where for the past decades the best musicians in the world have performed. This stage is loved by piano enthusiast and enjoys a high reputation within Belgian artistic circles. The large hall (Studio 4) offers space to a 1000 visitors.

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