World Master Pianists presents

Benefit concert: Arcadi Volodos honours Mompou

 13 November 2022
  -  16:15
  | AMARE - The Hague
  |  Piano recital
  |  From €27,50

The proceeds from this concert will benefit the Foundation for Surviving Pancreatic Cancer – Support Casper.

‘Fascinating and magical’ (★★★★★ Financial Times)
‘Sublime and poigant’ (★★★★★ NRC)

On November 13, Volodos will perform a beautiful new program in the World Master Pianists series in the main hall of AMARE, The Hague. In addition to music by Skrjabin, Volodos will play, as a tribute to the Spanish pianist Alicia de Larrocha (1923 – 2009), whom he greatly admired, a large selection of short pieces of his favorite Spanish composer Federico Mompou. Compositions in which the music sometimes almost comes to a standstill, nevertheless with an incredible eloquence.

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Arcadi Volodos has developed into one of the most profound pianists in the world. Time and time again his performances leave his listeners as enchanted, as if they have attended a spiritual worship service. Newspaper Trouw: “His unique technique enables him to bring out voices in the most complicated passages, that no one else can achieve.”


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Arcadi Volodos plays Mompou


Due to illness, it remained uncertain until the last minute whether Arcadi Volodos would be able to participate in the concert. But he did play! However, given his condition, this was limited to a magical first half with all of Mompou’s planned works and four encores to compensate.

The merely 20-year-old Dutch super-talent Aidan Mikdad then played, with Volodos’ approval, a beautiful selection of compositions of Skrjabin, ultimately giving the very enthusiastic audience an even longer concert.

As a result, the complete programme of the concert was as follows:

  • Federico Mompou

    Scènes d’enfants (1918)

    1. Cris dans la rue
    2. Jeux sur la plage
    3. Jeu II
    4. Jeu III
    5. Jeunes filles au jardin

    Música callada (1959/1967)

    1. Primer cuaderno – I. Angelico
    2. Primer cuaderno – II. Lent
    3. Cuarto cuaderno – XXVII. Lento molto
    4. Cuarto cuaderno – XXIV. Moderato
    5. Cuarto cuaderno – XXV. (untitled)
    6. Segundo cuaderno – XI. Allegretto
    7. Segundo cuaderno – XV. Lento-plaintif
    8. Cuarto cuaderno – XXII. Molto lento e tranquilo
    9. Segundo cuaderno – XVI. Calme
    10. Primer cuaderno – VI. Lento
    11. Tercer cuaderno – XXI. Lento
    12. Cuarto cuaderno -XXVIII. Lento


    Mompou – El Lago
    Mompou – Secreto
    Scriabin – Poème, op. op. 71 no. 2
    Scriabin – Poème ‘Étrangeté’, op. 63 no. 2


  • Performed by Aiden Mikdad:

    Alexander Scriabin

    5 Preludes, op. 16
    No. 1 in B major
    No. 2 in G-sharp minor
    No. 3 in G-flat major
    No. 4 in E-flat minor
    No. 5 in F-sharp major

    Sonate no. 2 in G-sharp minor, op. 19 ‘Sonata-Fantasy’

    2 Pieces, op. 57
    No. 1 Désir
    No. 2 Caresse Dansé

    Vers la Flamme


    Scriabin – Nocturne for the left hand, op. 9, no. 2

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