World Master Pianists & Flagey presents

Evgeny Kissin in Flagey

 16 June 2022
  -  20:15
  | Flagey - Brussels
  |  Piano recital

In June 2022, the dazzling kick-off of World Master Pianists took place in Brussels: for three days, two of the world’s greatest pianists performed on the prominent Flagey stage: Evgeny Kissin and Arcadi Volodos.
Sold out halls and a frenzied, enchanted audience provided a wonderful prelude to a fruitful collaboration between World Master Pianists and Flagey, the best piano podium in Brussels.

Evgeny Kissin | 16.06.22 at Studio 4, Flagey


  • Bach-Tausig
    Toccata & Fuga in D minor, BWV 565

  • Mozart
    Adagio in B minor, KV 540

  • Beethoven
    Sonate No 31 in A-flat major, op. 110

  • Intermission

  • Chopin
    Mazurka in B-flat major, op. 7, no. 1
    Mazurka in G minor, op. 24, no. 1
    Mazurka in C major, op. 24, no. 2
    Mazurka in C minor op. 30 . no. 1
    Mazurka in B minor, op. 30, no. 2
    Mazurka in C major, op. 33, no. 3
    Mazurka in B minor, op. 33, no. 4
    Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise brilliante in E-flat major, op. 22 22


  • Bach
    Chorale Prelude of “Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland” BWV (arr. Busoni)

  • Mozart
    Rondo in D major, KV 485

  • Chopin
    Polonaise in A major, op. 53
    Waltz in F minor, op.70, no. 2

Flagey | Brussels


The characteristic Flagey building in Brussels houses a beautiful concert hall where for the past decades the best musicians in the world have performed. This stage is loved by piano enthusiast and enjoys a high reputation within Belgian artistic circles. The large hall (Studio 4) offers space to a 1000 visitors.

Heilig-Kruisplein, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

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