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Piano magician Mikhail Pletnev returns to Belgium for one-time recital

 11 October 2023
  -  20:00
  | deSingel - Antwerp
  |  Piano recital
  |  From 10 euro

Solo recitals by Russian sound magician Mikhail Pletnev are rare. The last time Pletnev could be admired solo in the Benelux is over five years ago. Pletnev is regarded as one of the very greatest pianists from the Russian piano school and his idiosyncratic, but always fascinating interpretations are characterised by perfect sound control and a limitless palette of colours and a unique sense of timing.

Mikhail Pletnev plays Schumann Arabeske - 2021

Interview with MIKHAIL PLETNEV at the ArtDialog Festival 2022


  • Brahms
    Rhapsodiy in B minor, op. 79 no. 1 (Agitato)

  • Dvořák

    Minuet in A flat major, op. 28 no. 1 (Moderato)

    From ‘6 Pieces, op. 52’:

    no. 4 Eclogue in G minor (Poco allegro)
    no. 5 Allegro molto in G minor
    no. 6 Tempo di Marcia in E flat major

  • Brahms
    Intermezzo E flat minor, op. 118 no. 6 (Andante, largo e mesto)

  • Dvořák
    From ‘8 Humoresques, op. 101’:

    no. 7 in G flat major (Poco lento e grazioso)
    no. 6 in B major (Poco allegretto)
    no. 4 in F major (Poco andante)

  • Dvořák
    Humoresque in F sharp major, B. 138 (Vivace)
    Eclogue in G major, B. 103 no. 3 (Moderato)


  • Brahms
    3 Intermezzi, op. 117

    no. 1 in E flat major (Andante moderato)
    no. 2 in B flat minor (Andante non troppo e con molta espressione)
    no. 3 in C sharp minor (Andante con moto)

  • Dvořák
    Eclogue in E flat major, B. 103 no. 4 (Allegretto)
    Moderato in A major, B. 116

  • Brahms
    Ballade in G minor, op. 118 no. 3 (Allegro energico)

  • Dvořák
    From ‘Poetic Tone Pictures, op. 85’:

    In the Old Castle. Lento (E flat major)
    Reverie. Andante (B major)
    Serenade. Moderato e molto cantabile (C major)
    Bacchanalia. Vivacissimo (C minor)
    Tittle-Tattle. Andante con moto (F major)
    At a Hero’s Grave. Tempo di marcia (F minor)
    On the Holy Mountain. Poco Lento (D flat major)

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