An unforgettable magical concert by Grigory Sokolov is simply not to be missed. World Master Pianists presents this grand master for the very first time in Amare The Hague on 4 June. You can be part of it!

Be prepared for Sokolov’s preference of stationary rituals, reflected in an annual six-monthly international tour programme, always dressed in tails, muted hall lighting and not forgetting, at the end of his performance, six encores!

Be enchanted by Sokolov’s ‘golden hours’, in which he brings masterpieces by J.S. Bach, Chopin and Schumann to life. (For detailed programme information, see Every note will be a jewel, every moment an experience that will stay with you forever.

‘A concert should be an evening-long total experience, with a dramaturgical structure, an artistic balance of surprise and recognition, and – essential! – the chance to slowly sink deep into it,’ writes Rahul Gandolahage in NRC. It is these listening experiences that make Sokolov’s piano recitals unique where every note has a profound meaning. Something unrepeatable happens here, an existential experience that cannot be reproduced on records, which is why Sokolov rarely releases concert recordings.

With the ‘premiere recital’ of Grigory Sokolov, The Hague and its magnificent concert hall position itself prominently in the most exclusive segment of classical music. There are few pianists in this world who can rival Sokolov’s mastery. What a privilege that he has embraced Amare The Hague!

Finally, be inspired by Christiane Peitz’s now very relevant words in the TAGESSPIEGEL “If we humans treated each other as respectfully as Grigory Sokolov treats music, our world would be a lot better”.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity! Make sure you’re there by purchasing your tickets now through our website or by calling 070 88 00 333.

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About the artist

  • Grigory Sokolov is undoubtedly one of the most impressive living pianists. Performances of this Russian master are so convincing in their conception that they sound both natural and new.

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