On Sunday afternoon, November 13, 2022, a series of unique concerts, presented by World Master Pianists, will begin in the main concert hall of AMARE in The Hague.

In the first season three pianists, who belong to the absolute top in the world. will give their solo recitals. The opening concert on November 13 will be given by the master of imagination and stillness. Arcadi Volodos the master of imagination and stillness. Proceeds from this concert will in part benefit the Foundation for . the Surviving Pancreatic Cancer – Support Casper.

On April 5, 2023, the Grand Old Lady from Portugal, Maria João Pires, will make her appearance –The master pianist, who for decades has displayed the immense power of her poetic richness of sound, with her beautiful playing and intimate intimacy.

On June 28, 2023 Evgeny Kissin, the star pianist renowned for his never-ending passion and total commitment, will close the season with a tribute to Rachmaninoff.

It is in The Hague where the music lover experiences the magic of the Master Pianists!

About these concerts

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  • 'Piano poetess' Maria João Pires is widely regarded as the world’s foremost interpreter of Mozart and Beethoven. Her performances are sophisticated and spiritual. She is often referred to as a musical medium.

  • Former prodigy Evgeny Kissin has a unique intensity and is a perfectionist at heart. His formidable technique is entirely at the service of the desire for deep tone. There is a blistering passion in his piano performance that unleashes an euphoria.

  • Volodos has everything—imagination, passion and a phenomenal technique—to express his ideas on the piano. His unprecedented virtuosity, combined with a unique sense of rhythm, color and poetry, make Volodos an powerful, free and uninhibited, storyteller.

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