A more radiant overture to summer than with the sounds of Schubert, Schumann and Liszt under the magisterial hands of this musical grand all-rounder is hardly imaginable!

On 14 June, we welcome Arcadi Volodos at Amare, The Hague.

Words fail to describe a recital by the ‘unsurpassed keyboard poet’ Arcadi Volodos.

From fiery passages to moments of sublime silence, master pianist Arcadi Volodos displays the full range of his unprecedented talent.
– The Guardian

“Volodos started out as a finger-blistering virtuoso who turned away from that more and more as the years went by, seeking the poetry and stillness in music.”
– Joost Galema, NRC

Let’s leave the master himself to speak:

“I like to travel within music. In a recital, I have more choice in colour tempos, rubato, in short, the freedom of expression cannot be compared to orchestral performances.”

“The silence in the hall, the audience’s greatest sign of concentration, is the artist’s ultimate reward.”

“I love concerts because that’s where I find the sense of adventure and spontaneity.”

“I don’t particularly like the word virtuoso. What does it mean? Playing fast and hitting the right notes? It’s not about speed, that’s what the Olympics are for!”

“Works such as Schubert’s sonatas and all the great works accompany us throughout our lives. We travel through life with them, our relationship with them changes in the course of life, thanks to them we evolve as musicians… When we, the ‘mere mortals’, play the music of genius composers, we try to get a little bit closer to their world.”

This is THE piano recital not to be missed! Make sure you’re there by purchasing your tickets now through our website or by calling 070 88 00 333.


About this concert

About the artist

  • Volodos has everything—imagination, passion and a phenomenal technique—to express his ideas on the piano. His unprecedented virtuosity, combined with a unique sense of rhythm, color and poetry, make Volodos an powerful, free and uninhibited, storyteller.

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